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Bose® Repair Request Form: Please Print and include this form with your headset

Having trouble with your Bose® headset? We can help!

If your headset is an A20 model, or Aviation Headset X model, repairs take place on site at Brant Aero, CYFD.  


If your headset is a Series I or II, these are no longer serviceable.  However, ear cushions are still available from Bose®.  Bose® offers a trade-in program for the Series I & II products towards the purchase of the A20.  For further details, please contact Bose® directly at 1-877-210-3782.

If your headset is under warranty, repairs include parts, labour, and return ground shipping.

If your headset is no longer under warranty, our Bose® Shop Rate is $75.00 flat labour rate, plus parts and return shipping.  Parts can range anywhere from $2.00 to $475.00 each, depending on the findings. 
We will provide a written quote for your approval prior to proceeding with repairs. Should you decide not to repair your headset, a $50.00 fee will be applied for the evaluation and assessment. All costs are in Canadian dollars, applicable taxes are extra.

Note: We are not authorized to ship service parts for the A20 or Aviation Headset X headsets. The headset must be sent to an approved Bose Repair Station for service.

The normal turn-around time to repair Bose® headsets is 5 business days, providing parts are in stock here.  If not, it may be a few extra days, and we will notify you if this is the case.

 Ship (by mail or courier) To:

 Brant Aero
 150 Aviation Ave, Hangar 2
 Brantford Municipal Airport
 Brantford, ON N3T 5L7

Attn: Bose Repair - Ph# 519-753-7022

You will be in good hands...
Dan Edwards is our Bose Aviation Technician/Specialist and may be contacted for any technical questions.

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