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Mega Projects

Responsible Design Innovation in Aircraft Redesign and Restoration

One cannot help but be awestruck by mega projects. When big budgets, new technology, and unique skills come together, unanticipated transformative benefits join in one exhilarating project; it’s hard not to be enthralled. But beyond all of the hype that naturally accompanies mega projects, we believe that these huge rebuilds across offer important lessons and approaches that are applicable through the Aviation Sector.


C-GNLS Baby Baron E55  View the Baron Gallery

C-GNLS arrived at Brant Aero with a number of existing mods and upgrades.  This E55 Baron had gone through a "Foxstar” modification which included larger new IO-550 engines, bigger props, and winglets with Aux Fuel.  It also had a full Garmin avionics radio stack including GMA340 Audio Panel, GNS530W and 430W, and a GTX330 Transponder.  Remotely, the aircraft had a WX-500 and GDL69 for weather.  Our client wasn't satisfied with 1st generation WAAS technology, and steam gauges.  They were looking for a virtually new aircraft without having to pay new aircraft prices.  The end result was exactly that!  In the radio panel, the customer opted for the new PS Engineering PMA450 Audio Panel with "Intelliaudio” technology, and dual Garmin GTN750 touch screens.  The Garmin GTX330 Transponder was retained, but upgraded to comply with the ADS-B mandate, and a 2nd, remote mounted GTX330 Transponder was added for redundancy.  We also installed a Garmin GTS800 Traffic system to increase situational awareness in high density traffic areas.  The entire flight panel was replaced with brand new custom designed panel to allow for the removal of all existing steam gauges, both engine and flight, and replaced with a JPI EDM-960 Primary engine display, and a Garmin G500 System respectively.  As a back up to the G500, a Mid-Continent MD302 Standby Attitude Module (SAM) was installed.  The autopilot was also replaced with the versatile S-Tec System 55x complete with Auto-Trim, and Yaw Damper.  To go along with all the avionics upgrades, all the windows were replaced with gray tinted windows.  The interior was replaced front to back, upgrading from the stock look to a chic, sophisticated style of blues and blacks, all professionally completed by Tom's Upholstery here in Brantford.  The complete overhaul of the avionics and interior add all the style, sophistication, and capability of a brand new aircraft, but for a fraction of the price!

PA 23-250         Aztec Gallery  

This aircraft came to us already outfitted with WAAS generation GPS's and first generation electronic engine monitoring equipment, but the client desired more capability to reduce pilot workload, and enhance situational awareness.  The finish product included upgrading the existing Garmin GPS units with Avidyne IFD540 and IFD440 GPS/Nav/Com units, as well as upgrading the audio panel with an Avidyne model.  An Avidyne ADS-B compliant transponder was also installed to replace the existing Garmin unit in the aircraft.  To reduce pilot workload further, and enhance situational awareness, and overall reliability, all steam gauges were removed in favour of a Garmin G500 Primary Flight Display, and a Mid-Continent MD302 Standby Attitude Module (SAM), as well as a Garmin GI 260 Angle Of Attack (AOA) Indicator.  On the Copilot side, an Aspen EFD1000 VFR only EFIS was installed for Copilot operations.  All engine monitoring gauges, both electronic and steam, were replaced by a JPI EDM-960 Primary Engine Monitor.  Behind the scenes, an Avidyne TAS605 traffic system, and a Garmin GDL69 XM datalink system were installed and displayed on all capable systems for redundancy.  To go along with all the avionics upgraded in the aircraft, the client also updated the flight panel itself with new laser engraved placards, and all new interior creating a virtually new air frame.  The finished product is an all glass cockpit with enhanced situational awareness, several layers of redundancy, all presented in a refined ergonomically designed layout.    Josh Pegg, Avionics E, Project Manager  Click here to view the Gallery Aztec Gallery



Bonanza V-Tail V35B.

This mega project included an complete new interior in addition to the new-tech panel. View the V-tail   Gallery