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Our Mission/Vision

Our Mission

Brant Aero is a large full service AMO, providing avionics, maintenance, structural repairs, and import/export and sales services to Business and General Aviation.

Our life long passion for aviation combines our SMS Compliance with exacting standards of service and support, delivered with the utmost respect. Keeping You Safe, Confident and Compliant.

Our Vision
Brant Aero’s vision is to be the most sought after full service AMO by building on our strengths and competencies, expanding Partner relationships, exceeding customer expectations, and maintaining excellence in operations.

Our Core Values

These values are the fundamental beliefs and principles which we live and work by everyday.

         •Trust        • Respect        • Integrity        • Pride

Why choose Brant Aero to be your Partner in Aviation?

Our team is warm and friendly, providing consistently exceptional service and support that you can trust and rely on.

Our team are truly engaged, talented and highly skilled professionals. They are constantly training and expanding the scope of their capabilities and our company capabilities.