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Aircraft Sales

At Brant Aero, we believe selling aircraft is somewhat of an art. Each transaction is unique. Each buyer has requirements and goals on which they are focused and achieving those goals determines success. The seller also has specific goals and surprisingly, this may not begin and end with monetary issues. The task is to facilitate the deal. How? Start by having an encyclopedic depth of knowledge on just about every General Aviation aircraft built. Add to that the experience of having flown most of these aircraft, combined with a reputation of integrity and honesty known throughout North America. Add the all-important familiarity that stems from offering only aircraft that we own or perform regular maintenance on,  allowing us to present an aircraft that Brant Aero has confidence and trust in. Providing in-depth knowledge to the buyer and  honing the skill of getting to know our clients, their needs, and yes, their limitations is what separates Brant Aero. There is an owner for every aircraft and an aircraft for every pilot.