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SMS: Why and How it makes us better

The word safety refers to the management of risk with the goal of eliminating, reducing and/or mitigating injury or loss as a result of incidents or accidents. Safety is fundamental to aviation's role within the nation's transportation system. It is also a key expectation of those who we personally transport. Our company must not only be safe, it also must have the perception of safety.

Ref: NBAA Best Practices

Brant Aero's Maintenance and Avionics operations adhere to advanced layers of the ICAO's Safety Management System. Under the authority of Transport Canada, we strive to advance our Quality Assurance Program to a higher level ensuring safety and greater confidence through our staff, our services and ultimately our customers.


We have been improving our Safety Management System for over a decade now. As the first compliant full-service General Aviation AMO in Canada, we have pioneered the implementation process for the General Aviation sector, working with Transport Canada sharing our knowledge and experience. Our certification for working on 705 category aircraft centers Brant Aero in a unique market above 12,500 lbs. and adds an additional layer of safety to our GA business.


The following concepts and actions are key elements of the safety culture found within our organization:

  • A commitment to safety as a behavioral pattern and all-encompassing lifestyle as demonstrated by top management
  • Clear expectations from each level of management that encourage safe work habits not only at work but in everyday life activities
  • Availability of quality, standardized equipment to accomplish the assigned tasks with confidence
  • Easy to understand operating procedures to be followed without deviation
  • Inclusive system of communication for collecting, analyzing, and exchanging incident related data
  • No-retribution policy for submission of incident data or observations
  • Re-training without penalty or stigma whenever safety is involved
  • A system for tracking incident and accident data, trend analysis and feedback of results
  • Peer acceptance that accidents are preventable, regardless of operations
  • Peer acceptance that safety is a matter of culture and is always open to continuous improvement.